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Event Venues

Featured Venue

Hudson, MA

fisher-house_4Make history with your event at the American Heritage Museum! Surrounded by centuries of military heritage within a rich, dramatically lit museum, your guests will be awestruck with their surroundings in Greater Boston’s newest and most unique venue! The 60,000 square foot gallery is filled with over 90 tanks, military vehicles, aircraft, and even missiles from World War I though today!
Capable of accommodating 300 guests in formal dining layouts and over 450 in cocktail style, the American Heritage Museum can host all event types down to intimate 50 person gatherings. During the summer months, the American Heritage Museum can accommodate even larger tented gatherings on our lush grass airfield framed by tall pines overlooking the Assabet River.
When you host your event at the American Heritage Museum, you know that your guests will remember the experience for years to come!
©Lindsay Hackney Photography

Charming Outside & Recreational Facilities

For most of the year, outdoor facilities are ideal for a number of events, from weddings to corporate events or parties. The natural scenery provides a photogenic backdrop for an occasion you want to remember for a lifetime, and the open atmosphere gives your guests plenty of space in which to roam.

Each of our outside and recreational facilities comes with signature characteristics that make them unique, whether that’s a floral landscape that adds color to the background, or a unique building that offers indoor amenities as well. Learn more about our individual outside and recreational facilities today!

Historical Properties & Mansions

Nothing adds charm to a gathering like the rustic feel of an historic property. With buildings several decades—and sometimes hundreds of years—old, you can almost feel the historical weight of your environment while attending the event. Our mansions, too, add a layer of grandiosity and lavishness to any occasion that warrants it.

We have a wide range of different historical properties for you to choose from, each coming from a different age and with a different story to tell. Get to know these properties as if interviewing individual people, and make your decision from there. Learn more about each of our signature historical properties and museums.

Conference & Meeting Centers

For corporate events, you don’t need to worry about charm as much as you do functionality. Our conference and meeting centers still provide appealing aesthetics to please and impress your audience, but are grounded to ensure you can conduct your business effectively and professionally. Whether you’re catering a teambuilding event or you’re hosting some major prospective clients, we can find the perfect conference or meeting center for your occasion.

Learn more about what each of our conference and meeting centers can bring to your next professional gathering.


Are you looking for a way to make your event not only memorable, but truly unique? Do you want your guests to be entertained during down periods and throughout the day and evening? Hosting an event in a museum gives you the perfect chance to do both. Surrounded by artifacts, displays, and information, your guests will be immersed in a world of knowledge and inspiration during your special event.

We have a range of different museums for your perusal, from niche museums for special interests, to general art museums for an ideal aesthetic backdrop. Learn more about what makes each of our museums a unique home for your special event.

Places of Special Interest

Sometimes, venues defy categorization. These are establishments that blend together different elements from different venue types, or else don’t easily fit into any other category. If you’re looking for something that breaks the mold and offers a unique character unto itself, this is the place to find it.

Take a look at our special interest locations, and find the eclectic venue that best suits your event’s theme and direction. 

Reception Halls & Temples

When you’re preparing to host a massive crowd, or you want your event to have the space it deserves, reception halls and temples are your best option. These venues are custom-made to host large audiences, so they have ample space for movement but are also well-equipped to accommodate virtually any number of people.

On top of that, each venue offers unique aesthetics and fills a unique niche, so you can find the perfect fit for your special event. Browse some of our most popular reception halls and temples, and find the ideal match for your needs.

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