On Thursday, September 27th, Chef John and the Pepper's team delivered a delicious and beautifully presented four course meal to patrons at the Clarke Culinary Center in Milford as part of the event, "An Exploration of Local Heirloom Tomatoes & Corn with Chef John Lawrence."

Dish highlights included a tomato sampler plate, chilled Cape Cod lobster salad with tomato tarragon vinaigrette and a sweet corn fritters served with seared local salmon. 

The event, prepared on the high-end, industry quality appliances at the Clarke showroom, allowed Chef John to showcase the unique attributes that make up Pepper's Catering--an emphasis on local foods, exquisite presentation and innovative food pairings in an intimate setting with guests. 

Throughout the course of the evening Chef John spoke about the importance of utilizing local ingredients and working with local farmers, as well as the extra steps one can take to make their food truly stand out.