by Style & Design

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  Designing the perfect wedding table can be daunting. There are so many elements to consider, the linen, the table setting and flatware, the centerpiece, your table number, menu, place card and even favors! Here at Pepper’s, our Style and Design department can design each and every one of those elements for you. This is a wedding table we recently designed for the modern romantic. We love this petal organza, it adds dimension and interest to any table. We have balanced the frilly linen with a sleek and sparkly place setting by pairing the petal organza with a modern gold flatware and bead rimmed charger.. To bring in some color, we did some blush watercolor washes for our graphic elements, here we've once again paired a romantic element with a more modern detail. By juxtaposing different styles, we keep the table from feeling over the top girly frou-frou, and instead, it feels modern and romantic. The round menu under the charger, the table number, the place cards, and the favor tags all tie into one another, with consistent fonts, colors and design. We also love the idea of "S'more love" with a to-go s'more favor, and your guests will love it too! When all the elements of your wedding relate to one another, the whole thing feels perfect. Last but not least, the centerpiece! We started with a large protea as our focal floral, then built around it with ranunculus, brunia berries and various greens. When every element is considered, you're guaranteed a wedding table to impress!