ARTbar's Newest Draft Beer Wall

Do you love craft beer? Are you looking for something interesting and unique for your next event that will have your guests talking long after your party is over? Our draft beer wall is a fun and unique addition to your next event. 

This stunning new beer tap wall makes a big impact on any party-whether it be a corporate function, wedding, birthday party, gala/fundraiser- you name it! It’s classic and clean design makes it blend well with many different venues and settings. With slate gray and metal accents it coordinates nicely with a wide variety of themes and colors.

draft beer wall eventsdraft beer wall
Photos by Lindsay Hackney Photography

We designed the wall to have a mix of straight and cross shelving to allow the addition of bottes, florals or décor for further customization based on your specific event. The tap handles are updated each event to display the name of your beer offerings.

The beer wall works as a great addition for a birthday party or graduation as well. Instead of beer we can serve various sodas and non-alcoholic beverages. 

We also offer a more traditional beer tap wall featuring dark stained wood and black accents which looks great in a more rustic or outdoors setting.

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Think of how fun this could be for your next event! For more design ideas from ARTbar check out our ARTbar Pinterest page.